You get the best life lessons from those that you teach. Katie’s always had a love/hate relationship with training thanks to the exhausting, complex and generous clients that have taught her as much about life as she has taught them how to squat. “Confessions” takes a deep dive into love and loss at the gym, going behind the scenes of the luxury fitness world and exploring the unconventional relationships that blossom within it.

“She’s immensely likeable and her monologues give a strong sense that she’s talking with an audience rather than at them. This whole show feels like catching up with an old friend.” - BROADWAYBABY

“There is something endearing about this show. There is raw emotion, and it promisingly demonstrated that relationships are precious.” - VOICEMAG U.K.

“Confessions of a Personal Trainer funnels the upbeat energy you’d expect from a personal trainer into a hilarious look into the world of luxury fitness. The result is a heartwarming, slightly manic, and distinctly NYC love story. Katie Kopajtic makes me want to work out more… almost.” - Adam J. Kurtz, Artist + Author

”Confessions of a Personal Trainer offers funny, sharp insights about the vulnerabilities of a woman whose job is to act invulnerable.” - Joe Berkowitz, Author + Entertainment Critic - Fast Company


Highlights from NY and Edinburgh shows