kopajtic rhymes with "go fly witch"


I majored in Acting at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). Upon moving to New York I began to write my own material and, by necessity, produce. By combining these skills I have created a web series, a solo show that saw a full, successful run at the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and a 25 minute Proof of Concept for a television series, on top of performing and interning with various theatre companies in New York City. 

To stay afloat I learned how to monetize my childhood competitive swim career: by becoming a personal swim coach and trainer with Equinox. Ironically this survival job has given me material and a support system that has fueled my independent creative career. Now I balance my dedicated clients with my production, writing and acting gigs on top of auditioning with Innovative Artists.  To stay sane I participate in HEMA - Historic European Martial Arts.

I started acting because I was curious about the worlds in which other people lived. That curiosity has snowballed into a career of many disciplines with the same creative approach: to listen, explore, and execute. Whether you are my audience, my director or my training client, the result is a satisfying experience. 




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