“Confessions of a Personal Trainer”

BroadwayBaby, Fringe Coverage, August 2017:

“...insightful one-woman show radiates with honesty and humour...This whole show feels like catching up with an old friend...In a festival filled to the brim with one-woman plays, Confessions of a Personal Trainer stands out for being one of a kind.” - Carla van der Sluijs

VoiceMag UK, Fringe Coverage, August 2017:

There is something endearing about this show. There is raw emotion, and it promisingly demonstrated that relationships are precious. The audience really get on board with Katie's story and I felt a good emotional attachment to the narrative by the end. - Emrys Green

“BFA The Series”

The Baltimore Sun, “Young and Restless,” January 2014:

“There's a scene in the first episode of the new web series BFA that quickly tells you this isn't another navel-gazer about life as a 20-something in New York or Los Angeles ... It's perfectly Baltimore, and it captures the humor, wackiness and mild desperation that make this show about young Bachelor of Fine Arts grads different from other shows about millennials.” - Sarah Richards

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